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You've cared for every one of the legalities and necessities of opening your brand-new pet sitting business. You've obtained the correct licensing and insurance coverage, designed a winning marketing plan, acquired every one of the proper service contracts and forms required to start a successful pet sitting business. So, what's next?
pet sitting phoenix

The next thing

Just like any business, the initial step to achieving success is laying the appropriate groundwork. Once you've made preparations and laid the proper groundwork, the next thing is to make your small business Policy Statement. This should not be skipped and it is recommended before acquiring clients.

How come it's Important?

A Policy Statement establishes expectations between you, the pet sitter, and your client. It outlines what services you may provide towards the client, what fees you'll charge for anyone services, what behavior is predicted of the client and/or pet, when payment is expected, what goes on if payment just isn't manufactured in a timely manner and so on. A Policy Statement formalizes the Client/Sitter relationship and means you use a shared comprehension of the services being providing. Making a handout outlining your Policy Statement to distribute to new customers on the initial Become familiar visit is an excellent approach to start your relationship off about the right foot. Your company website is yet another key spot to post your Policy information and lend credibility to your business. Most clients see why extra effort; it provides them satisfaction knowing Fluffy is going to be looked after accordingly and builds their confidence in you, being a professional pet sitter.

What Things Needs to be Included?

What kinds of services are you going to offer?

There are many types of services sitters offer. You need to decide which ones you would like to use in your company. A few examples of services include: Vacation Care, Daily dog walks, pet taxi run to groomer or vet appointments, supply runs for food and supplies, housebreaking visits, overnight visits, etc.

The length of time will your visits last?

Visits typically last between Twenty or so minutes to 1 hour in total based on the type of care you provide and also the area you're servicing. The amount of time you may spend at each visit determine how many visits you can comfortably complete in a day and just what you will need to charge per trip to produce a reasonable profit.

What kinds of pets are you going to service?

Will you only service cats and dogs? How about hamsters, rabbits and fish? Are you currently comfortable with birds or snakes? There are many animals besides animals that you may encounter in your business. Some you may not need to take care of. The secret is to set clear expectations up front.

What hours are you open to service clients?

Will you start your first visit at 5am if that's enough time Fido normally awakes for his morning potty break? What about later in the day? When do you want to conclude you final evening visit? What time do you want to eat or return calls with other potential clients? Outlining these expectations in advance helps avoid problems in the future.

What you want to charge for your services?

Although there are lots of factors, your geographic location will primarily dictate what the market locally will bear. Conducting research locally is the best method to determine rates for the services. Contact boarding facilities, veterinarians and other pet sitters to see what they are charging. Determining your service area and just how far you are prepared to travel and just how far apart your visits will be is also a factor. Generally, smaller territory you service, the larger your profit margin. Other cost factors also need to be considered, things like the expense of gasoline, deterioration of your automobile, marketing supplies, and insurance premiums. Basically anything mixed up in cost to help keep you running a business. A thing of recommendation...don't undersell the services you receive. The service you provide is invaluable to numerous, lots of people. Those are the clients for your niche. Not the price shoppers or perhaps the people looking for a bargain. Pricing yourself competitively right away will convey the professional image for your business that you need.

Are you going to charge a customer with an initial Get Acquainted visit?

pet sitting phoenix

This can be a few personal preference. Some sitters charge with an initial meeting with the client to acquire knowledgeable about your dog(s), discuss the policies, complete all the appropriate paperwork, and acquire a house key. Others choose not to charge a fee citing it gives the client an opportunity to meet you and gain confidence within your abilities before paying out a charge. Either is appropriate; it's business - you select.

The way clients pay for services?

Do you need your clients to cover in initial deposit or perhaps in full, at the start or do you want to invoice them after service continues to be completed? Do you want to email a bill or send it for the client? Will you impose late fees or even paid promptly? Do you want to allow clients to pay for by credit card? Think about the pros and cons of each choice and choose which method works best for your company.

Will you accept Emergency Service calls?

What you will really charge? If Aunt Ida unexpectedly kicks the bucket and your client must join a jet in 2 hours, will you accept very last minute requests for service? Are you going to impose an extra fee for last second reservations? How much do you want to charge? Are you going to arrange payment options?

How will you handle client's keys?

Appearing trustworthy is key to being successful on this business. Clients are entrusting you with cherished members of their loved ones, along with, their property and it is contents. They should feel confident you will be dependable, take proper care of their babies and stay responsible within their home. Starting a tracking system to recognize a client's keys is important. Remember, the tracking system must only be proven to you together with members of your team and should not know the owner's name or address in case they're ever lost or stolen. A definite written policy to determine clients and an accompanying acknowledgment form requiring a signature should eliminate problems.

What areas do you want to service?

As mentioned above, generally, the smaller territory you service, the larger your profit margin. Determine in advance what area you'll service. The closer your target audience, the greater visits you are able to complete in a day, as well as the more income you will get. Some sitters charge an extra fee for service outside their marketplace. In the event you consider this option, make sure you examine all of your cost factors to make it worth your time.

Do you want to charge clients for early returns or cancellations?

If John Smith returns home early from your trip or cancels service the day before he's scheduled to leave on a journey - do you want to impose a cancellation fee? Let's say you needed 3 other clients you might have serviced but didn't schedule since you were booked by John Smith at that time they called? Make clients aware of your early return and cancellation policy.

Will you charge an additional fee for holidays?

Holiday season is typically a really busy here we are at pet sitters. Many regular clients are taking care of other priorities or going out of town during this time period of year. Should you require extra fees during the holidays, explain in detail what that fee includes. Could it be a per visit or daily fee? Which day(s) specifically will the extra fee be imposed on?

Do you want to charge per pet or per visit?

Will your fees depend on the per visit basis or perhaps a per pet basis? What if Client A has 4 dogs, 2 hamsters, the cat and an aquarium full of fish and Client B has 1 dog? Do you want to charge them exactly the same rate? Can it realistically require the same amount of time to execute the visit? To understand things before you decide to quote a rate to a potential client. Make an effort to get all the details necessary before quoting a service rate.

Will you require client's to get hold of you once they've returned home after extended service?

Some sitters need a client to get hold of the sitter or leave an email once they've returned home after an extended trip. It lets the sitter be aware of client is home and taking care of your pet so the pet(s) is rarely mistakenly left unattended. If the client doesn't call on the expected date of return, service would continue until the sitter receives a notification call from the client.


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